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Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Management

The foreign exchange market is characterized as carrying a significant degree of risk. There are several types of forex risks that participants should examine when considering the option of trading there.

Forex Chart Patterns: Currency Price Gaps

Bar charts and candlestick charts depict gaps that may occur between currency close and open prices. Technical analysis refers to these gaps as interruptions.

Directional Movement Index (DMI) Technical Indicator

One of the tools forex technical traders use in order to determine their trend trading strategies, is the Directional Movement Index (DMI).

Relative Strength Index (RSI) Technical Indicator

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a technical momentum indicator used to measure the relative changes between the lowest and the highest close prices of a currency.

Momentum Oscillators

Momentum measures the rate at which a currency price changes. In terms of trending, it is a very useful technical indicator of the strength of a currency price.

Stochastic Oscillators

Stochastic oscillators are technical momentum indicators that compare the closing price of a currency to its price range over a certain period of time.

Forex Technical Indicators: Oscillators

In this article we will examine the basics of another major group of forex technical analysis indicators - the oscillators.

Forex Technical Analysis Indicators Based on Moving Averages

In this article we will examine some of the mathematical tools based on moving average applied in technical analysis.

Forex Technical Indicators: Moving Averages

The term technical indicators refers to the mathematical tools that are applied when using technical analysis. Generally, there are two basic groups of technical indicators: moving averages and oscillators.

Forex Trend Continuation: The Rectangle Pattern

The rectangle trend continuation pattern resembles a rectangle (as its name implies) formed by two parallel to each other resistance and support lines.

Forex Trend Continuation: The Wedge Pattern

The wedge continuation pattern combines some of the characteristics of the triangle and the pennant formation.

Forex Trend Continuation: The Triangle Patterns

The triangle continuation patterns resemble pennants without poles. Forex technical analysis distinguishes four types of triangles: symmetrical, ascending, descending, and expanding.

Forex Trend Continuation: The Pennant Pattern

The pennant continuation pattern is similar to the flag chart formation but the support and resistance lines converge, which makes it to appear as a pennant.

Forex Trend Continuation: The Flag Pattern

Forex traders who use technical analysis should be familiar with the chart patterns that confirm the existing trends. The most common continuation patterns are flags, triangles and wedges.

Forex Trend Reversal: Triple Top and Triple Bottom Patterns

It is worth remembering that the major trend reversal patterns are the (inverted) head-and-shoulders, the double top (bottom) and the triple top (bottom) patterns. This article considers the triple top and the triple bottom formations.

Forex Trend Reversal: The Double Top and the Double Bottom Patterns

The double top and the double bottom formations represent another well-known pair of trend reversal patterns that are commonly found on forex charts.

Forex Trend Reversal: The Head-and-Shoulders and the Inverted Head-and-Shoulders Patterns

There are different reversal patterns that can be used in forex technical analysis. This article considers the Head-And-Shoulders and the Inverted Head-And-Shoulders trend reversal patterns.

Dow Theory Application on the Forex Market

The Dow Theory serves as the basis for the fundamental principles that guide the technical analysis.

How to Apply the Stochastic Oscillator on the Forex

If you are interested in comparing the current price of a currency on the forex to that of a given time period in the past, you should apply the stochastic oscillator.

When to Expect a Reversal of the Forex Market Trend

It is important for forex traders to closely examine the potential reversals at particular points in the charts available.

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